Monday, 1 June 2015

The new Tecno Droipad (H8)

Tecno mobile is set to release a new mid range smartphone that runs on  Android Os 5.0 Lollipop,  being the first to launch a device with a Lollipop amongst it's other competitors.
The super cute 8 inch Tablet is set to be released on Wednesday.

Smart Music Chip
The Droipad carries surround sound that turns your
environment into a theatre with just the exact sound

Gesture Control Technology
The Droipad turns your phone into a smart robot that
understands even your moves and motions. Manipulate
away once gesture control is turned on.

Latest Android Version
The Lollilop is the latest version of the Android and the
Droipad is one of the first to capture its operations giving
you a sweet new take on Android.

Enabling you to power your phone, your TV and your car,
you now have more than a tablet in your hands.As you
connect all your android devices together, Lollipop lets you
smoothly transition or work from any of them.

Even music is not left out, pause on your tablet at home,
punch play on your phone and the music picks up where
you left off.

Quad Core Multi-tasking Power
Carrying a chip with four independent units means you get
to execute several programmes side by side all at once.
Battery Life. Very large battery of 5100MAh

Pictures and full specs coming soon

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